Whether you are contemplating an appeal or have on pending that needs to be taken over, McMahan Law, LLC is skilled in handling appeals. This office has handled appeals before the South Carolina Court of Appeals as well as the South Carolina Supreme Court. With our experience in criminal law we can handle your criminal appeal from start to finish.

Business Formations

Starting a business or wanting to change an existing one? We can assist with the formation of a limited liability company or other corporate entity for your business. Plan now to prevent future business problems.


Being charged with DUI can be devastating to your emotional health, your economic health and your well-being as you worry about a possible conviction and how it will impact your job chances now and later in life, your current insurance and whether this charge may land you in jail and or prison. Attorneys McMahan and Vance as former criminal prosecutors understand what you’re going through and will ably represent you in a criminal court of law. Contact us for help with your DUI case.


An expungement is a court order that removes an arrest and/or a conviction from your criminal record. Not all convictions can be expunged. Expungements are available for mostly minor and first time offenses. If you have arrests and/or convictions we may be able to assist in having them removed from your criminal record. We may be able to help.

Name Changes

Did you get divorced and now have a desire to revert to your maiden name, or just want to change your name? We provide the legal assistance you need in order to have your name changed.

Post-Conviction Relief

A post-conviction relief proceeding is a collateral attack on a criminal conviction. Was your original trial lawyer incompetent in handling your case or were other errors that made your trial unfair? We are experienced and can easily assist in filing post-conviction relief applications.


Planning for eventual death is not a topic that most people want to deal with, however a will provides the best way for you to decide who your beneficiaries are and who should inherit your hard earned assets. We provide the legal assistance needed to plan for how you want your estate to be divided in your will. Contact us for will services and we will be happy to help you plan for distributing your estate to your beneficiaries using a will.